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alive. >> tech bloggers are talking about this because it showcases the s beam technology that you mentioned that is on the samsung galaxy. basically meaning you touch your phones together and you can share content videos, music, pictur pictures, whatever. >> like it. >> i think you can see why people are talking about this big time because -- >> we're led to believe it's a sexy naughty video and she's a beautiful blonde woman, a cute mom. >> yes. >> all the husbands thinking i've got to get a samsung galaxy so my wife can make me naughty videos for the trip. >> if the daughters only knew what mom was sending dad. >> just your ordinary, everyday stop over for gas in midair. until -- >> what the heck just happened? >> see how it nearly goes terribly wrong, next. >> and november means growing a mustache, and this guy is showing us how. >> smell wood. >> our guys are in. see why, o >>> it's time for our monday edition of the best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> ed bass master is back with his prank he pulls on people except this time he brou
and blue glow sticks and new technology to encourage those young voters. this 21-year-old foothill college student voted for the very first time. >> i guess when i was younger i was pretty apathetic about it but now that i'm old enough to do it i see why it's important to do it. >> reporter: he's part of a group of voters from 18 to 25 that usually don't turn out to vote. an energetic crowd was out trying to get the vote out. >> i was very excited about the whole day. >> reporter: and a little music for a voting block that tends to trend to vote for a certain party. compared to 74% of those 65 and older, younger voters are more trusting of the government and less interested in politics. at san jose state there were many empty seats. >> hey, what are you doing right now? >> reporter: those students stood outside trying to get others in. they also used this poster that links devices directly to election websites. >> it's to educate our students more and to tie them to technology. >> reporter: of the 1.4 million people who use the state's new online voter registration system about half of th
to rebook and get back as soon as i can. >> with all the technology that we have nowadays, where i get an automated call telling me i need to check in. there is no reason to i can't get an automated call to say your flight has been delayed or canceled. >> reporter: for all of these people who have been waiting here for hours and hours, only two agents to serve them. >> i imagine that the managers behind the desk are not coming out to help and i don't take it out on the people here working. it's the upper-level management not doing them their jobs. management is putting them at non-storm airports where there are not enough gates for them. >> we're making arrangements to mark the aircrafts tetchily and we're allocated some of our less used taxiways to park airplanes so we have places for the airlines to use. >> reporter: bay area-wide more than 60 flights are canceled more more likely to come. i'm consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >>> hawai'i is returning to normal tonight after a tsunami advisory prompted by that powerful earthquake off the canadian cost. the 7.7 earthqua
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3